We are Jake. A young company with kindred spirits, aiming to make the world a healthier place. We’d like to introduce ourselves to you. We have much to say, but will try and keep our story short.

Let’s start off with our theory: Jake is nutritionally complete food. Every Jake meal contains a mix of every vitamin, mineral, and all the other essential nutrients. That’s what makes it complete. But more on that later. The other part of our theory is ease: a Jake meal takes a mere 3 minutes to prepare. Without having to do groceries, cooking, preparations of any sorts. Eat healthy without thinking about it.

Our mission is to improve to better the world !

We believe that we, as the world, can do better. We need to work towards a healthier world, with healthier people. That’s why our mission is to make eating healthy easy. We hear you think, how does that help? We believe that the best way to help people change their bad habits, is by offering a better option. And, that would be complete food that is vegan, plant based and easy to make. These features could mean a world of difference.

A tomato isn’t healthy because of its red colour, round exterior or sweet taste. It’s healthy because it provides us with the nutrients we need. Jake is created based on the understanding that we don’t need tomatoes, potatoes, pizzas or any other specific type of food. What we need are the right nutrients that are in these foods, in the right amounts we need them in. Or better to say, complete food.

The concept of complete food isn’t new. It has been around for decades, reserved to places where more care for nutrition is needed. A good example is infant formula, which is nothing less than complete food for babies. Other examples are complete foods used for medical purposes, and – yes, ok – space food. Only since a couple of years complete foods have started to become a thing for everyone.

Team Jake

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Customer Care

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Head of production


Head of logistics

Any questions? We’re always ready to help you out!

A woman drinking a Jake shake after her run

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