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Tired of eating unhealthy lunches? Too many meetings to take care of a proper meal? Try Jake: no preparation time and no more struggle.

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Bring Jake to your business

One of the best things about Jake is that everyone can enjoy the Jake products because they are vegan and plant-based. If you have an intolerance for nuts or lactose, you can safely eat one of the delicious bars. Save time when you are at work with these ready-to-eat Jake products.

Looking for a chunky snack while working at your desk or visiting a client? Grab a bar! Looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner during overtime? Take a shake!

What is the shake?

Bring the future of food to your business

100% vegan

Our mission is to save the world together with you. We do so by reducing waste, CO2 output and water usage.

100% recyclable

All of our products, including our shipping containers, are completely recyclable.

100% complete

All of our products are carefully put together, giving your body a nutritionally complete meal.

What is the vitaminbar?


Jake is food that contains everything your body needs to be healthy. Take a shake or grab a vitaminbar and you got yourself a healthy breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner.

How does it work?

Simply create a business account. You can create an account by clicking the ‘create a business account’ button and after we check if your company is eligible you’ll receive an email confirming your application. The email gives you all the information you need, and how to start ordering. You are eligible to make an account if you have a Chamber of Commerce number.

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