A single meal as a source of fibre, protein and 26 essential vitamins and minerals? It’s easier than stealing candy from a baby. It’s complete food.

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Eating healthy is all about the nutrients.

A tomato isn’t healthy because of its red color, round exterior or sweet taste. It’s healthy because of the nutrients inside: the carbs, fibres and the vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, vitamin C and magnesium.

Jake is created based on the understanding that our body doesn’t need tomatoes, potatoes, pizzas or any other specific type of food. We need the elements found in food that make it healthy: the nutrients.

That’s the concept of complete food. Food that contains lipids, protein, carbs, fibres, vitamins and minerals. Here’s what you’ll find in each serving of Jake and what makes Jake healthy.

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The conceptThe convenienceThe experience

Spend your free time the way you want to.

If you ever skip breakfast, miss lunch or eat unhealthy just to get something into your system, this is for you. We don’t want to spend half our day on groceries, preparing meals and washing dishes.

Enjoying a nice meal with friends is a great way to spend free time. At other times, we need something healthy without all the effort.

Whether you’re traveling, out for the day or you simply feel like hitting another snooze, no worries, Jake’s got you covered.

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The conceptThe convenienceThe experience

How does it work and what is it like?

Jake is not a program or diet with specific requirements and schedules. Jake is food. Both simple and very complex, transparent and nutritious food. There are no rules, use Jake the way that suits you best.

Having Jake is a unique experience. Whether it’s the shake or the bar, you’re having an actually balanced meal. After, you won’t suddenly grow wings, but you will notice a very constant flow of energy.

In the end, there is no better way to know than to just try it out yourself.

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A balanced combination of nutrients in each meal.

Compare the nutrition facts

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Frequently asked questions

What is the first time like?

Depends a bit. Our body is cautious when it comes to new foods. It doesn’t just accept new food with open arms like that, to protect you from possible danger. This is an evolutionary protection mechanism which exists so you don’t just put everything in your mouth. If you’re familiar with protein shakes or if you’ve had instant oats before, the first try can be quite nice. If you haven’t, let your taste get used to Jake by trying it a couple of times.

How do you feel after a meal?

Good. It’s that feeling you have after eating any healthy meal. Your hunger is gone, you’re energized and you don’t feel stuffed. This lasts for about 4-5 hours, after which your appetite slowly returns. No energy swings, just satisfaction. By the way, you should ask yourself this question after every meal you eat. Our body tells us many things we way too often ignore.

How will I feel if I eat this regularly?

That really depends on you. There are many ways to eat healthy. If you’re already eating healthy, you’ll continue to feel good. If your current diet is unhealthy, because you’re (1) skipping meals (2) overeating (3) undereating or (4) eating badly, Jake can be life-changing. If you’re walking around with a nutrient deficiency – and it’s quite likely you are – Jake will do you good. We’re made from the very food we eat. Eating healthy has an incredible impact on our health. Find out what makes Jake healthy.

Why is this stuff so good for me?

Jake contains every nutrient that your body needs. That is exceptional. Eating normal food is a complete guessing game on which nutrients you’re eating and in what amounts. The best option is to vary your diet and hope you get everything in that you need. Every nutrient in Jake is in there for a reason. The nutritional profile of Jake is based on the official recommended daily allowances as provided by the European Food Safety Authority and formulated by our dedicated nutritional team.

Should I eat this 3 times a day?

Use Jake any way you want. It’s not a programme, it’s not a diet, there are no rules. But to give you an idea, most customers have Jake either for breakfast or for lunch. We eat for many different reasons. Sometimes we eat socially, sometimes functionally, sometimes just because it tastes good. You’re not likely to serve Jake to friends at a dinner party. Use it when it suits you.

But isn’t eating […] much nicer?

How nice was your breakfast last Monday? For all those not-so-special food moments, make sure you eat healthy. Your body does remember. And you can still eat food X whenever you feel like it.